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Awesome Retro is a non-profit organization which promotes the joy of classic gaming. With the slogan “Retrogaming for everyone” we provide an extensive collection of games and game consoles. All of this is available for lend in a fitting way for all kinds of organizations throughout Europe. This way many people can enjoy brilliant old school gameconsoles and their awesome games.

Awesome Retro gives abandoned equipment a new life.

Awesome Retro is a registred foundation in the Netherlands, comparable to an American 501(c)3.

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Awesome Retro is a volunteer organization. End of 2013 there are 50 volunteers throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Everyone has and shares their skills, together this team makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the games of the past.

Volunteering for Awesome Retro brings you to great events, meeting people interested in retrogames, technology and a variety of other subcultures.

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Awesome Retro - Into the woods 2013 - Zithoek

Retrogaming @ into the woods dance festival


Awesome Retro - Bobbejaanland 2013 - Megacontroller + Lounge


Retrogaming @ Themepark Gameland Bobbejaanland


Awesome Retro - Mysteryland 2013 - Crew + Tent

Awesome Retro team




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